Sale price off the mark!

Have purchased a house through Curtis & team, and have recently sold a house with Curtis and Team.

The sale price (on house just sold) was in my opinion, about $30k off the mark!  Lucky for us, sale price was $30k higher than I expected it to be!

I had been inclined to take a lower offer, as we were happy enough with that price, and the buyer seemed to have the cash ready.  Another buyer, offered more, but didn’t have finance sorted as yet, and having had a bad experience in this scenario before, I was reluctant to wait around to see if this buyer could get their finance organized.  Curtis used his contacts to investigate where the buyer’s finance was up to, and if this was a safe bet for us or not.  On back of his advice, we accepted higher offer and hoped their finance would be sorted.  It was sorted, and house has now exchanged and we have ended up with a much better sale price than we expected.  This all happened on first and only open house, suggesting to me that the strategy of marketing and advertising suggested by Curtis and team was the right approach.  I would recommend Curtis and Team to anyone looking for a solid and reliable agent, that will deliver maximum sale price for your property.

Christopher & Elizabeth (Vendor)


46 Leycester Street, Lismore, NSW, 2480